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Historical Timeline


The faculty of the Earlville School met to develop a plan for making better literature available to young readers. One room in the Morgan Block, where the current library stands, was available if books and magazines could be obtained.

The formal opening was held on February 18, 1918. Tea was served.


A Provisional or Temporary Charter for the Earlville Free Library was obtained on September 17, 1919.


In 1920, the first rummage sale to support the library was held. The entire village participated. It lasted for three days and made $368.


Another rummage sale in 1925 made $700 and was a major village event.

The Easter fire of 1925 burned the Morgan Block where the library was kept. Only a few hundred books were saved. The library rented rooms in the Cotton Laboratory.


On February 5, 1926, the library room in the new Village Hall was formally opened.


The Absolute Charter was issued on February 17,1927.


In January of 1966, the Library Board began to discuss ideas to enlarge the library.

The new expansion project started in March of 1966.

In 1967, the Library received funds from the Library Services and Construction Act Federal Grant in the amount of $37,692.


On November 23, 1969, the new library opened with an Open House. It contained 4,000 square feet and had a new meeting room named Edna Lamb Room that would serve the community as a social room.


In January of 1972, the Library Board was notified of a financial bequest through the wills of Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Keech. The Board used part of the money to purchase air conditioning for the library.


As the library’s circulation increased, four paid part-time staff positions were added.


In January of 1988, the Library began on-line computer booking services with the Mid York Library System.


Mrs. Wilcox, the librarian, started special Christmas programs that lead to the annual Earlville Christmas decorating contest.


The library received a grant to purchase a computer to be used primarily by children.


The roof to the library was redone.


The Gates Foundation provided the library with 5 new computers. The Mid-York Foundation covered the cost of moving the office and circulation desk to the right of the front door and turning the old office room into the computer lab for the community.


The Library was named one of the top ten libraries in the country serving towns with populations of 1,000 and under.

The Library received a grant from the Mid-York Foundation for new draperies and rods.

The Library installed a new HVAC system.


The Library was again named one of the top ten libraries in the country serving small populations.

Through funds from the XXX foundation, the library was able to create a small kitchen space in the meeting room.


The Earlville Library became the first library in the area to offer wireless for patrons bringing their own computers.

The Library was awarded $6,750 from the State Education Department of NY, a construction aid grant for 2004-2005 for façade work (new windows, doors, painting, new sign, a new drop box, new community bulletin board, etc.) Matching funds came from the Partnership for Community Development as part of the Earlville Main Street Improvement Program.


The Library received a grant from the Mid-York Foundation for a new desk and work area for the Library Director, a new meeting room Divider Door and for replacement shelving in the back storage room.

The Library was a recipient of a donation of a new circulation desk from Gaylord in Syracuse. Gaylord donated the desk to the Mid-York Library System and any library within the system was allowed to enter their name. We were chosen from a random drawing.


On February 18, 2008, the Earlville Free Library will be 90 years old thanks to the rich tradition of community support and the hard work of numerous volunteers who have contributed to the success of “Our Library”.


The Libri Foundation selected the Earlville Library to be a recipient of a grant for BOOKS for CHILDREN. A total value of $1,400 books. The grant required matching funds of $350. The Library raised $375 from several local businesses: Mang Insurance ($50), NBT Bank ($75) and Frontier Communications ($250).

On December 11, 3:30 pm, Laura Hand of the News Channel 3 in Syracuse, helped the Library unveil the new Libri books. She read several stories to the children.

The library offers a free After School Program serving children between 9-13 years three days a week. We provide snack, a space to do homework and receive assistance, and engaging group activities. This program is still present and vital to our community.


February 4, 2014, the library becomes fine free, meaning no more overdue fines for our patrons.


The library creates a new section of books for graphic novels.


Due to the increase in demand to offer new educational and engaging programs for all ages, a new position of Program Coordinator was added to the library staff. Programming expanded to include events like DIY Wednesday, Game Night, Lego Wars, and one-on-one digital literacy educational sessions.


The Library Board and staff began planning renovations. The goal was to create a better space that welcomed patrons who needed a place to relax, read, play, and study.

Funding for this project was completely covered by grants, thanks to the Central New York Community Foundation, New York State Construction Grant, and The Mid-York Foundation. Special thanks to the donated services of Hoefler Communications.


Earlville Free Library celebrates 100 years of service to the community!


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